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Things to consider when using customized QR Codes for Better Results

QRzebra has always provided their customers with an efficient free customized QR code generator and our team gives a bow to people who create excellent, artful, customized QR codes. A recent academic study has shown a terribly low customer engagement using QR codes. In this study, a group of students were able to conclude that 4 out of 5 people had a smart device and only 1 out of 5 people was able to scan a QR code from a particular product/service. Furthermore, people agreed that they are not likely to scan QR codes from certain things they use in their daily lives.

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Examining this study might let business marketers think to skip the use of QR codes in their marketing strategy. However, QR codes can be a great way to increase your sales, customer engagement, or website traffic, if used correctly with a definite strategy. Here is a list of some things you should consider before customizing customized QR codes to be included in your marketing campaign.

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Be Informative

Unfortunately, most of the business cards, brochures, even invite, and other material includes QR codes without any further information. You will just see a plain QR code without knowing what is in there. So, new users may not know what they are missing, that results in low scan rates. Make sure to add enough information to let people know if you’re offering a coupon, discount, promotional code, or further information about your service or product.

Add Value to QR code

QR codes possess the same concept as for other marketing campaigns. Efficient added value to the product is the key to action. Definitely, I will too demand something in return for my precious time while scanning a QR code. For instance, big brands can add more information about their product, coupons, special discounts, and promotional codes within the QR code.

Unique Design

Those black and white QR codes do not attract people as much as customized branded QR codes do. You can even cut rectangular points of your QR code – making it round shaped. Thanks to QR codes error tolerance. For instance, remove the central part of the code and add your brand’s logo or a particular picture to attract more audience. Clearly, a QR code that matches your brand identity and provides great communication is more likely to be scan than your competition.

Use Mobile Content

In case you’re using QR codes to drive traffic to the brand's website. Make sure you’re using a mobile version of the website as landing pages. QR codes are scanned by mobiles, so it is important that people are receiving data optimized for mobile phones; this increase readability thus customer engagement. Offering content that is specially tailored for mobile also let users scan your products furthermore.

Testing is Crucial

While our free customized QR code generator creates the best QR codes ever, still you cannot expect some complex designs to be scanned easily. Therefore, it is recommended to test your QR code on several QR code scanners as you don’t want your customers to try and get a blank page or error. Not only examine that if the code is scanned and readable, but also make sure that the content stored in the code is rendered for most frequently used devices. You don’t want an irritated audience, right?

Always examine and change your campaign for better results

You are not bounded by rules for your business, especially when you are fiddling with modern technologies. Thus, modifying your QR code information will help you improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. It will let you choose what type of information, design, or strategy works best for your audience – provided you have employed all steps and measurement systems all through. Don’t hesitate before making new decisions; every marketer wants to be one step ahead of its competition. So, your customers will be more likely to forgive you for experimenting. 

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Overall thoughts

 In the end, I would like to conclude this post as every marketing campaign doesn’t get positive results from the start. Follow the tips mentioned above and keep implementing new ideas without hesitating. Who knows one random step in your QR code campaign may become an example for your competitors.QR codes have become a mainstream tool to market your products, you get 80% more scan when you add a call for action like "scan" ,"see video".... under your QR code. In case of further queries and suggestions, feel free to contact us.   

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