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These free customized QR codes should be part of your brand identity!

Regular and visual QR codes definitely build a bridge between your online brand content and users on offline mobile platforms. A successful marketer must attract its targeted users to its brand’s web presence. Significantly, a growing number of users also tend to keep track of their favorites using their smart devices. This concludes that an effective marketing strategy must incorporate a way to bring in their customers with their brand presence, and visual QR codes can a great way to accomplish this.

Visual QR code: A fascinating thing or an eyesore? Not long ago, the magical barcodes that were used as a bridge between online and offline were often criticized for their black-and-white appearance containing black checker box on a white background. Fortunately, today’s QR codes can be customized in extraordinary ways while maintaining the precision in their scan ability. Today’s QR codes no longer need to be designed in the checkbox and you can design them according to your brand requirements.  

free customized visual qr code for cosmetic brands


Why choose visual QR codes as your brand identity

QR codes are typically used to increase sales, drive traffic to your landing pages, and engage customers, they give customers added value to a certain product or service. This added value can give the users access to exclusive contests, promotional codes, discounts, free giveaways or coupons.

Furthermore, they give users extra information about your brand – allowing them to trust your identity. For instance, you run a food company, why not give your buyers extensive information about the nutrition of each product using a visual QR code, or give them access to reviews of past customers who bought that product.

Here are some more reasons why you should choose customized visual QR code for your brand.

  • Visual QR codes look fascinating and attractive – allowing customers to scan them more as compared to regular QR codes.
  • Visual QR codes also allow you to change information, discounts option, promotional codes, and other things at no extra cost.
  • You can create a constant connection with your customers using different information on the same QR code without spending even a single penny.
  • People tend to scan visual QR codes more often; thus you can engage the audience more easily. It is also a gateway to increase web traffic.
  • What is best than having a cool QR code design on your brochures, business cards, even invites, visiting cards, and menus in case of restaurants? In this way, your audience can know more about your brand with ease.

In easy words, both regular and visual QR codes can lead extensive information to your buyers, customers, or audience. But the question is, “How many people are going to scan your product?” In this condition, brands using visual QR codes have more customer engagement. They can serve as an easy way of targeting lots of mobile users and it also keeps your company on the evolving edge of technology and marketing.   

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