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Smart packaging by visual QR codes will change the way we interact with consumer goods

Ever since the smart devices became an essential part of our lives, QR codes have multiplied dramatically as an important part of each self-respecting service, business, product, or a company. And eventually they are now seen in most people’s business and visiting cards. Originally invented in Japan, visual QR codes are now emerging all around the world. QR codes help us to keep track of information such as business information, its website, pictures, or even coupons or a special discount on which it was printed.

Smart packaging by visual QR codes will change the way we interact with consumer goods

The question is, if a QR code can help business marketers to grow their sales? Well, a recent research has concluded that over 15 million people scanned 15 million QR codes over a course of one month alone and the ratio for most scanned codes was greater for those that add value to the code as discounts, coupons, or extensive information about a certain service or product.

Visual QR Codes

I have always tried to deal with things, products, and services that offer quick response, and QR code serves as the bridge between online and offline. Personally, I have always preferred products having QR codes where it is pretty simple to whip out my mobile device anywhere, scan it and get extensive information, make a purchase, keep track of coupons or discounts on the item etc. – relieving me from typing or search the web.

People tend to go with modern variations, products, services, and looks. Those brands having smart packaging by visual QR codes tends to increase their sales as compared to those who don’t. There are currently two types of QR codes available in the market where brands can either integrate their image within the code or the QR code is designed with a special customized graphic. Luckily, we offer both types of QR codes and our free visual QR code generator is always up for everyone.

Why Visual QR Code?

When using our website as your QR code generator; creating a visual QR code is as simple as creating a simple QR code. You can easily turn your brand logo, design, or image into a QR code resulting in more sales thus excessive customer engagement.

For example, a company who sells commercial furniture wants to offer a 10% discount to all those businesses that started within last 2 months. A regular QR code can also be used for this, but people may not get an idea of what they will be availing by scanning the code. Using a visual QR code enhances the service design to speak for itself.

Overall Thoughts

In the end, I would like to conclude this post as a visual QR code is far better than a regular one. Practically, it is always screaming, “Scan me and get something in return”. Moreover, visual QR codes attract people more often than a regular black in white code. In case of further queries or suggestions, feel free to comment down below.         

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