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Retail is moving into visual QR codes to give clients a great shopping experience

Those black and white squares pasted on retail products, walls, stores may look a bit overwhelming, but if used with rich marketing strategy they can serve as a great marketing tool ever. Similarly, visual QR codes help people to increase their marketing sales, engage customers, and drive traffic to web landing pages. Added that customized visual QR codes get 30% more scans than regular ones. Looking forward to have the best visual QR codes on your products? Why not try our free visual QR code generator.

As the use of smartphone is thriving all around the world, so the probability of reaching and interacting with consumers through their use. A recent survey shows that around 84% of China’s total population is smartphone users.

Nike store using custom qr codes for their O20 marketing

Retailers Moving into Visual QR codes

For most retailers, a visual QR code is the only tool that fills the gap between online and in-store channels; if employed effectively. The one big reason why retailers are moving into customized visual QR codes is they have the ability to add related images or brand logo within the traditional QR code using several color pallets. This allows brand owners to utilize enough creativity and use this tool as a marketing tool.

Not long ago, retailers had in-store displays and windows to keep track of apparel ideas. So if a buyer notices an eye-catching product in a shop but cannot get into the store, a quick lift up and scan a QR code allows the best shopping during lunch, on a quick break, or on the train ride home.

girl scanning qr code in a shopping mall

Future of QR codes in Retail

Visual QR codes already play a great role as a marketing tool for most band owners and business marketers as mobile phones have become a major component for accessing the internet. I expect to see them more often in the near future.

Also, if you have not yet decided to use visual QR codes to promote your brand, why not use our visual QR code generator. It’s totally free!   

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