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QR Codes Generator in USA: How it has changed the Way People Interact with Things

With the advent of mobile phones, the use of QR codes have been increased so immense that it's being used to give tips at restaurants, receive payments, giving cash gifts on weddings, and even beggars are using it to collect cash on streets. This little barcode has been thriving in USA with a rapid shift towards a modern and cashless society. According to a search, almost half of the total mobile phone users use smartphones while shopping in departmental stores – among which 40% use to determine the competition’s rates.

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Usage of QR codes in USA

The United States of America is still considered as the biggest industrial market all around the world. Same is the case with QR codes. But the question, how this utility is being utilized and do people actually scan QR codes?  Here are the stats of which QR code marketing strategy served the best for business.

  • 30% QR codes were scanned on mail and emails
  • 27% on various magazines
  • 21% on street posters
  • 21% on retail packaging
  • 13% on apps and websites
  • 7% on visual screens

Promoting Apps using QR codes

Even though QR codes have been in the market for over several years, there are still some business marketer and owners who still use them as part of their marketing strategy. For instance, some app development companies published their codes in magazines, posters, emails etc. which redirects the scanner to the download link. This serves as an effective showcase for both self-explanatory and ad creativity promotion of the applications.

Individual’s Social Media Awareness

A recent study concluded that almost 86% adults in America use social media platforms as part of their daily life. Besides it is the fastest yet effective way of communicating with one another, visual QR codes have made it a lot easier. Major social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest etc. use built-in QR codes that let users add friends by means of scanning their unique QR codes.  Furthermore, some also provide the accessibility to scan ordinary QR codes as well.

Education and ID Cards

A number of universities in USA have already started to integrate QR codes on student’s id which contains all the necessary information i.e. semester, name, roll no. etc. Furthermore, they have also been utilized in modern teaching methods. 

Why not make a QR code for yourself? There are a number of free visual QR code generators available. If you’re having trouble finding one for yourself, try out QRZebra.com – you’re just a few clicks away in getting your own visual QR code.   

Event Invitations

In USA, QR codes have also been utilized as a part of invitation cards for birthday parties, business meetings, wedding initiation, and other events to let readers keep track of time, date, and special instructions regarding the event easily. They are also used to make payment for certain events using the same code which is often connected with PayPal at the back-end. Looking forward to integrating a visual QR code on your event invitation, look no further than QRZebra.com


Retail covers over two-third of the US GDP. Retailers have always tried their best to keep one step ahead of their competition. In any way, QR codes have helped the retail industry to keep the customers engaged while keeping things fun. As described above, around half of the total mobile phone users use mobile while shopping – among which 40% do it to compare prices. QR codes in retail allow the customers to easily compare prices of different products. It’s the bridge between online and offline.

Overall Thoughts

When it comes to using modern technology and utilities, USA has always been on top. According to the justifications described above, QR codes are getting an enormous push by the retail industry, social media platform, education, initiations, and brand awareness. QRZebra is one of the best free visual QR code generator providing its customers with an effective yet engaging marketing strategy – you can even track who scans your code. QR codes have become a mainstream tool to market your products, you get 80% more scan when you add a call for action like "scan" ,"see video".... under your QR code. In case of further queries or suggestions, feel free to contact us on

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