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QR codes for wifi network sharing? Here is how it works.

Everywhere in bars, restaurants, offices, ... people ask for the wifi and type the password wrong, a pretty annoying process we all have been through several times. Well this is coming to an end! Did you know that you can just let your customers scan a QR code and they are on you Wifi in one click, yes it's a easy as that! With most new smartphone you can scan a QR code from your camera of your phone without the use of any app. Just point your phone camera to the QR code and a link will appear. Works on android and iOS11, Click the link that appears it and you are done!

create a QR code

QR codes for network sharing are easy to setup on QRzebra:

  1. Go to www.qrcode-zebra.com  and select the “Wifi Login” data type on the top of the page. WiFi login QR codes are one of 23 data types available to free users, however if you become a paid subscriber you can track data an edit your details as password if you make changes.  
  2. Enter the SSID/Network Name, Password and Network Type for your home, , office or in-store wireless network. You can find this information on the bottom of your router on the little white sticker.
  3. All done! “Download QR Code” button below the QR code preview image to save your finished WiFi Login QR code, then you can print it out and display it for anyone to log in to your wireless network.
  4. For the customer it's easy they just need to scan the QR code, click and done! It works on any android and on iOS11. 


Having a customized qr code  from www.qrcode-zebra.com is an easy way to connect to your Wifi with only one scan and click. It's important to make a dynamic QR code in case you want to update your password or change router. With a dynamic QR code you can change any information behind your QR code. You can print your QR code and place it on several places. When you change any information behind a dynamic QR code, there is no need to do any change to the printed QR code. If you own a restaurant for example on every table or on the menu. Wifi network sharing by QR was never easier. 

create a QR code