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Do you need a QR code API for your CRM?

The digital transformation is happening quick. Customized QR codes have become worldwide a great tool to connect offline to online. We at QRzebra have generated an API that brands can use to integrate in their CRM. Our QR code api is made for customized QR codes as to track data, it's a powerful software used by major brands worldwide.

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Create customized QR code templates that you can use for all your campaigns

Creating customized branded qr codes with our api is easy, you can make a QR code that fits exactly with your brand identity, packaging or other artwork, which can improve 30% scans compared with traditional black-and-white QR codes according to the scanning data. Our code is build that it's easy to make your own template or ask us to assist you in the design.

custom qr code api


The right content behind your QR code

The right content behind your QR code is important. If you add a QR code on your packaging design than a short informative video of 30 seconds or a small game would be a great way to engage as inform your target audience. But you can also link it to your e-store or any other page, but it speaks for itself  the more engagement the better. Augmented reality will soon be another way as this amazing software evolves. 

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Scans Analytics from your customized QR code

Creating Tractable QR codes from our free generator allows you to see from where, when, and which device scanned the code. You will get to know the number of unique clicks and visits for each code you create. Each QR code will track

  • Number of total scans
  • Unique visitors
  • Average scans per day
  • Location of scans.
  • Device type (Iphone/Android)

What else is there to get from our api?

Dynamic QR codes, this is great to update all your QR codes at once. For example today you redirect your QR code to one web page and whenever you want you can update all your QR codes in the back office to any new web page. this saves you time and money as you never need to reprint flyers or update any consumer product out there. Dynamic QR codes is super useful for any business. 

QR codes in Bulk, do you need a similar looking qr code, but every qr code unique than you can easy do this with our api. Perfect for events, packaging design or e-stores.


The digital transformation is going quick, using our qr code api for your company is useful as it great way to generate as track data, we can help you to ingrate in your CRM and we have servers worldwide even in China as that is more restricted to run a server. QR codes have become the standard as now you don't even need to download an app to scan a QR code and more and more social media have a build in qr scanner. 

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