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How to design a free Customized visual QR Code with Your Logo for your branding?

To design a customized  QR code on QR zebra is very easy with our free customized QR code generator. Upload your URL or Data, choose what type of custom QR code you want to generate, customize all parameters of your QR code design and it’s ready to download and use it !

create a QR code

Here is how to create a customized QRcode on QRzebra step by step:

Step 1 Select the type of QR code you need.

Do you want to make a free logo qr code or do you want to make a free visual qr code for your brand, Select the QR code that fits with your brand identity.

Step 2 Add the data for the QR code content that you selected.

Depending on the type of QR code data you've chosen; enter the content for the QR code eg; the website URL, the Facebook page, text message, the email message details, etc.

Step 3 Style your QR code.

Change shape, eyes and the colour of your QR code using our handy colour picker. You can add your logo or any other image you want on your QR page.

Step 4 Download your QR code.

Download your completed free QR code image. A range of different formats are available for your free QR code.

Step 5 Track your QR code

You can easy track your QR code and see how many people, scanned, where did they scan and from what device did they scan. Important information to do a successful campaign.

Many established brands are using QRzebra’s customized QR generator for their marketing campaigns. With a customized qr code you can get up to 30% more scans as people are attracted by an attractive design.

create a QR code