How to create QR codes in bulk?

The ever-evolving B2B & B2C market has led to the use of QR codes. QR codes serves as a great solution when a lot of information cannot be embedded to a small space. For example, it seems impossible to incorporate ingredients, recipe, pricing, expiry date, and other information on a small package. However, all this information can be easily converted to a QR code which can be later scanned by consumers using a smartphone or any smart device.


Bulk qr code generator
create a QR code
create a QR code

Creating QR Codes

Though there are dozens of QR code generators available online providing the accessibility to generate QR codes free of cost. Users can easily enter the information they’d like to embed into the QR code and press “Generate QR Code” to have a unique code specifically created for a product. In fact, you don’t need to be a tech enthusiast to generate a QR code. It is easier than installing a simple media player on your PC.

Can You Create QR Codes in Bulk?

But when dealing with 100s of products, goods, or services, generating a QR code separately for each product becomes a lot difficult. Large organizations might need to hire people just to create QR codes separately for each individual product, website page, or service, right? What to do in such situations?

Don’t worry! The advent of dynamic QR code generators has made it possible to create QR codes in bulk. Users can easily generate 100s of QR codes at once all embedded with appropriate information for the consumer.

How to Create QR Codes in Bulk?

A few QR code generators provide you the accessibility to import QR codes using a CSV file in an appropriate format. The CSV file might contain the QR code URL, services, product/services name, pricing, contact etc. Note that a bulk QR code generator might need you to compile CSV in an appropriate format. How to make a qr code in bulk: 

  • Go to you need a subscription account to access the bulk QR code generator
  • Create a list in excel with URL’s, save as CSV file and upload or choose an 'amount' of unique QR codes you want to generate.
  • Click “Bulk QR code”
  • Change the design of your QR code and hit download.
  • Your QR codes will be downloaded in a .zip file

Generating QR codes in bulk also saves you a lot of time while providing a bridge between the online and offline world to your customers. The great thing is that you can track data of all your qr codes in Bulk and that you can update your URL anytime to any other URL using dynamic QR codes. 

Final Verdict  

Today, QR codes are incorporated everywhere including tickets, passes, lottery tickets, table tentsflyers etc. Even some well-known organizations and multinational companies are making use of QR codes on their packaging. A QR code might only seem a set of black-and-white squares with a few lines of information, but modern QR code generators let you keep track of the scanners. For example, a QR code generator with logo can help you track the device type, location, time, date, and other statistics when scanned. It's easy with QRzebra to create a QR code in bulk. 

create a QR code