How to create a Free QR Code for WhatsApp?

QR codes are everywhere. Started off as a retail feature, they’re now being used in almost every industry – both online and offline business. The 21st century is the era of social media. We can’t imagine a day without going through our social media profiles, can we? This is why business marketers never leave a chance to target their potential audience using social media platforms. This is where QR codes for WhatsApp come in handy.

QR Code for WhatsApp

Whether you own a business startup, a restaurant, retail store, or even an online business website, QR codes for WhatsApp can help you connect with your potential audience with ease.

WhatsApp is certainly one of the most used social media platforms. Business marketers are using it to connect to the customers, take orders, provide customer support, and whatsoever. However, people find it difficult to start a discussion at WhatsApp with someone new. We mean that WhatsApp requires you to save the contact in your phone before starting a chat. Isn’t it a big hassle?

This is where QR Code for WhatsApp can make it easier for people to start chatting with a new contact. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, WhatsApp cannot scan a QR code on its own. But it doesn’t mean you cannot utilize QR codes to connect with your customers.

How to Create QR Codes for WhatsApp?

The best way to use QR codes to help your audience reach out to you through WhatsApp is to create a QR code followed by a link. Keep following to learn how to create QR codes for WhatsApp.

Generate WhatsApp Link

Do you want to create a WhatsApp link for WhatsApp group, personal number, or business profile? Well, we’ve listed the most legit method to create a link for all of these.

Generate Personal Number WhatsApp Link

Generating a link for the personal number is easier than ever. Just tap the Click to Chat button of WhatsApp and you will be able to generate a link of any personal number. When shared with someone and clicked, the person will be able to start chatting with that number without saving it on the phone.

The easiest method to create a link for personal numbers is to use the following link[WhatsAppNumber]

The term “WhatsAppNumber” in the link will be your personal number. For instance, if your contact number is 123456789, the link would look like

Make sure not to add any brackets, zeros, spaces, or other symbols except what is shown in the above example. And if you want to skip this part, you can simply modify the link to send a pre-filled message.

When sending the message, this link would look like:

Clicking on this link will redirect you to the WhatsApp chat. Also, it works both for the WhatsApp web and WhatsApp mobile app.

Generate Business Profile WhatsApp Link

If you have a WhatsApp business app, creating a link is even easier than the above method. WhatsApp business app has a built-in link sharing option. To get the short link to your business WhatsApp app,

Go to Settings > Business Settings > and click on Short Link to copy it.

Generate WhatsApp Group Link

Want people to join your WhatsApp group? Well, the Invite by Link feature of WhatsApp comes in handy. Note that anyone with the WhatsApp group link is able to join the group. It is recommended to only share it with the authorized user or audience.

To get the link, just go to the group chat, click on the group name, scroll down, and you can see the Invite Via Link option. You can copy the link and share it to the authorized persons.

Create QR Code for WhatsApp

Now that you have the access to WhatsApp link for personal numbers, groups, and business profiles, you can use these to create QR codes for business promotion. Here is a step by step guide to creating QR codes for WhatsApp using QRzebra.

  • Go to
  • Paste the link in the specified URL field.
  • Click Generate QR Code – you can either select static or dynamic QR code per your requirements.
  • Customize QR codes per your business theme.
  • Download it in the appropriate format i.e. jpg, pdf, png, etc.

Scanning a QR Code: How to Do It?

Most smartphones these days come with a built-in option to scan QR codes. For instance, iPhone with iOS 11 or above has a built-in QR code scanner in the camera app. However, if your phone doesn’t support QR code scanning feature, you can simply download a third-party application to do it.

After scanning the QR code, you’ll be redirected to the WhatsApp link and hence to a business profile, chat, or WhatsApp group. Sounds good?

Keep following to learn more about how to use QR code marketing to boost your business sales.