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How QR codes are rising in Europe since they have used them in pretty much every field

 According to a research in 2011 until 2012, European smartphone users scanned over 17.4 million QR codes increasing the percentage to 96% as compared to the last year. Almost 7 in every 10 QR codes resulted in providing adequate information about a certain product or service – making QR codes extremely popular over the past few years. These enormous users of QR codes have offered brand marketers a new way to engage customers further down the sale funnel.

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By offering extensive information, price and other detailed description about the product, customers are more likely to put them in consideration. With the advent of modern technology and smartphones, these QR codes give access to of rich information to consumers that help retailers to enhance their conversion in store.

QR Codes Market in Europe

The QR code scanners in Europe represent around 14.1% of the total mobile phone users. Only the QR code scanners in Spain increased by 9% reaching to 16% in total, this made the European market the second biggest industry in terms of technology and QR code scans. QR codes have also found its way all the way to Paris in the transportation business. The RATP system in Paris uses this code at bus stops. The museums and art exhibition also uses these codes to educate audience with all sort of information.

Retail Market in Europe

Right now, the retail market in Europe has been utilizing QR codes in a great amount just to make sure that consumers are having efficient in-store experience. Brand marketers use these QR codes as a bridge between the offline store and online customers. 

Overall Thoughts

When it comes to digital marketing, brand marketers and business owners in Europe have also stood on top with modern ideas. Are you running an online store, conventional retail store, or any kind of business? Well, these visual QR codes can help converting the audience into customers efficiently. And what's more, according to our investigation, a visual QR code can improve 30% scans compared with a traditional black and white QR code. It is amazing how QR codes can help markers right now. Seems like science fiction? Actually not. Just over a few years ago, no one would have thought to be the efficiency of a digital code (today recognized as QR code) – how it can store a vast amount of information.

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