How does a multi URL QR code works and can benefit your business? Smart QR code

We all know what a big hit QR code technology has been in this era. But the best thing is, it keeps on evaluating new and better technologies. The best one these days are the multi URL QR codes. They are diverse, fast and efficient enough to know what you needed to show to various customers.


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Not familiar with this multi URL QR code term? Read the article below and decide its importance yourself!

What a Multi URL QR code actually is?

A Multi URL QR code can direct various scanners to different URL codes based on different aspects. These aspects can include their geographical location, their OS systems or device type and many other things. Today, IT is largely dependent on artificial intelligence. Now we knew that QR code is based on a single URL but that is not the case anymore. A QR code generator with logo can provide you with a code that beholds multiple URLs. These codes are designed as per to your choice and desire. Looking forward to an effective QR code generator with logo? Well, look no further than QRzebra to get QR codes in bulk for free.

How do The Multi URL QR Codes make a difference?

These quotes have greater functionality and the possibilities to benefit from them are endless. You can target market your audience based on what you think will work. Also, you don't need multiple QR codes for various reasons, one is enough to do everything.

Let's explore some of the possibilities with these QR codes with multi URL.

1)   A QR code with different URLs on different locations

These QR codes can redirect on the basis of location and geographical positions. This is best for products that need to be marketed in different parts of the world. Not only this is cost effective as you don’t need to solve the language issue of different regions, but it is also a quick way to international marketing

2)   A QR code with different URL depending on the time you scan

Like the location based URL QR codes, you can also redirect users to different apps, websites and other portals depending upon the time. The URLs changes with time. It is best for any sort of competition that a company initiates. Imagine how cool the idea is that one code reveals different stuff depending upon the time they scan it.

3)   A QR code that changes URL after x amount of scans

Now, this is something amazing. Over time, the QR code changes its URL direction after a certain number of scans. This can be an excellent promotional strategy for different marketing personas. Now the number of scans can also be decided when you customize it, after all, it's a dynamic QR code!

4)   A QR code that direct to different apps based on iOS or Android

One of the biggest conflicts was whether to design QR codes for Android or iOS. Well, they are for both and you don’t need to put them separately everywhere to accommodate different users. Through these URLs, with multi directions, one Qr code can redirect according to the user’s OS.

So these were some of the benefits of these dynamic QR codes. Aren’t they amazing? Tell us what you think in the comment section! Make your own Smart QR code or Multi url QR code on 

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