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Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) are all moving into customized QR codes

80% of the consumers all around the world love to adopt a smarter, modern and better lifestyle, and yet only a few percentage of business own a mobile-optimized website ready to engage a whole lot of customers. As our aim is to provide people with the best marketing strategy, we hope you would love to take benefit of the mobile-optimized website that can get your business one step of the competition.

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Everyone loves to try new things and get excited when it can save them money. QR codes on consumer goods provide buyers to have a more satisfying experience by letting them keep track of important information about the product. Also, customized QR codes allow the brands to customize them according to a product’s requirements. For example, if a company launches a baby playing kit on market, they can customize its visual QR code as a picture of baby or doll or a funny logo within the code body. This also attracts the customer to scan the code and see what’s in there.

Retailers are now also using branded QR codes in different ways- for instance, to prompt new promotional codes, coupons, discounts, special offers, and additional information about the product. They are also used to give access to the store’s inventory where the customer can get to know the size, quantity, and color of the product being scanned. This surely increases website traffic as well as a dramatic change in sales. Visual QR codes are not another funky marketing tool or tactic used by retailers. They serve best for both parties, create trust and satisfaction over both ends.  

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Brands also love to track if their products engage with the customer, by tracking data of consumer goods brands get a better understanding of their consumers. QR codes are a great tool to do this. 

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